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What is Western Dressage?

Western Dressage is defined as using classical dressage concepts and principles to train and develop the western rider and horse. The goal is to develop cadence, balance, relaxation and the acceptance of the aids. Western Dressage is not intended to build a dressage horse, or put a western saddle on a dressage horse. Western Dressage seeks to develop a well-rounded, disciplined horse regardless of its breed and to improve our partnership with our horse. Our goal is a happier, more sound horse, and a more aware and knowledgeable rider.

Achieving these goals is a journey of technique, learning, growth, practice, and patience.  The steady progression of training is key to a safe confident horse, the horse learns and retains his training along with getting the physical conditioning to advance his training. The rider learns along with the horse in a steady progression the that Western Dressage levels provide.

We aim to grow this discipline in New England by providing an opportunity for clinics, forums, and shows and building relationships with other equine organizations.

Who is WDAMA?

The Western Dressage Association of America - New England Affiliate* was created to align with and promote the principles of the WDAA and independently engage in quality educational programs, outreach, and collaboration in New England. We seek to grow our membership through all New England states and will seek to organize events in different areas of New England. Join us on this exciting journey, become a member today!

*Incorporated as Western Dressage Association of Massachusetts, DBA as Western Dressage Association of New England

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